Managed Network Attached Storage (NAS)

CloudCentral managed network attached storage (NAS) is backed by Oracle ZFS, arguably the world’s leading data storage system because of its extensive range of features to ensure proper data redundancy and integrity. Oracle ZFS provides a 128 bit data storage system with ECC like block level checksums and self healing data structures that significantly reduces the risks of data loss and corruption.

Primary data to support virtual servers is stored on Oracle mirrored ZFS datasets for high performance the data protection. Backup data is stored on Oracle RAID-Z2 ZFS datasets for assured data protection & integrity.

Tenant Storage Isolation, Data Integrity & Security

Tenants will be isolated at the storage layer via Citrix XenServer, VMware ESX and Oracle Solaris ZFS storage virtualisation and isolation features. Each tenant is hosted within per tenant ZFS datasets (similar to a LIN in concept), thereby ensuring that data leakage cannot occur between tenants of the system.

Oracle ZFS also provides on-disk encryption in which data is encoded on-disk for privacy. Creating an encrypted Oracle Solaris ZFS data set is as simple as setting a property at creation time. The data owner uses a key to access the encoded data. The encryption property is enabled when an Oracle Solaris ZFS file system is created. The default encryption algorithm is AES 128 CCM. Additional encryption algorithms are also available as required.

Oracle ZFS combines proven and cutting-edge technologies, such as copy-on-write and end-to-end check-summing. Data is always written to a new block on-disk before changing the pointers to the data and committing the write. And, because the file system is always consistent, time consuming recovery procedures like fsck are not required if the system is shut down in an unclean manner. Copy-on-write also enables administrators to take consistent backups or roll data back to a known point in time.

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