Australian Data Centres

CloudCentral’s data centres are geographically dispersed in Australia providing low latency and local access. As an Australian owned and hosted provider we comply with Australian data protection requirements. This means you can have the confidence that your personal data is not transferred out of Australia. At CloudCentral security is at top of mind in our development, deployment and management.

Cloud Servers are exclusively hosted in Australian Data Centres with Tier-III uptime. CloudCentral’s primary facilities are in the Australian Capital Territory, Sydney (New South Wales) and Melbourne (Victoria).

CloudCentral’s Data Centre Locations


The TransACT data centre is a carrier grade secure data centre facility situated three kilometers from the Canberra CBD on Northbourne Avenue. The location is served by multiple access roads in case of a disaster or emergency. The data centre is 5 km from the parliamentary triangle, meeting the requirement of many federal government agency RFTs. It is also connected to the government’s ICON network.


The NEXTDC C1 Data Centre is in Bruce, ACT. This data centre previously belonged to the ATO and has recently been refitted to meet the latest standards in connectivity, cooling and security.


The NEXTDC M1 Data Centre is located less than 3km from CBD in Port Melbourne. It has been purpose built, employs solar panels to offset carbon emissions and is a certified Tier-III facility.

Equinix SY3

The Equinix Sydney International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centres are strategically located near the Central Business District. With 3 buildings with more than 329,000 square feet of colocation space, they offer direct connectivity to carriers and cable systems including Southern Cross and the PPC-1 cable heads and compliance with key regulations and industry standards.

Network Operations Centre

The Network Operations Centre (NOC) is manned 24 hours, every day of the year. NOC staff are highly trained and can provide telephone and on-site support if required.


Both the TransACT and the NextDC data centres sit within the Canberra power grid. In both cases, this is supported by an in-building power substation. At TransACT this substation is capable of supplying 4,000 APMS to a 450 kVA UPS system that supplies conditioned AC power to the TransACT data centre. The UPS’s 3-string battery backup supplies 450kVA and is backed by a (750kVA) diesel generator. TransACT has on-site fuel storage to service the generator system running at full load for a period of approximately 288 hours.

NEXTDC M1 has an available power capacity of 22.5MVA for an IT load capacity of approximately 12MW. Power supplies have a minimum N+1 redundancy and multiple power distribution units (PDUs) with minimum N+N redundancy. Harmonic distortion controlled and monitored by UPS systems. In addition there is a minimum of 24 hours’ onsite fuel supply.

Equinox SY3 Datacenter electrical Capacity features a Uninterruptable Power System with Phase 1: 1,000 KVA Chloride Trinergy with Customers 3 + 1 Configuration; The UPS Backup is 200 x 2 KVA Chloride Critical Services 1+1 .Standby Power is provided by Phase 1: 6 x 2.275 MVA Prime Rated and Caterpillar Generator Sets (N+1 Block Redundancy)


All areas have n + 1 redundancy built into the cooling capacity in the event of a failure. The data centre’s ambient room temperature and humidity are monitored along with the plenum charge being delivered to cabinets.

All systems are alarmed and managed by the Network Operations Centre (NOC) and dedicated facilities staff. The NOC operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Building Security

Both the NEXTDC and the TransACT data centres possess a highly robust construction, having previously housed the ATO and Department of Administration mainframes.

TransACT Data Centre

The TransACT centre is windowless and physically separated from TransACT House tower. Brick ramparts minimise the effect of any potential heavy vehicle impact.

NEXTDC Data Centres

NEXTDC C1 and M1 have a solid fence perimeter around it which is electronically controlled by the security guard inside the building. CCTV cameras are strategically located throughout the facilities, recording 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Access to secure areas is granted only via data key system, authorised by a computerised access-control system. Unescorted visitors or contractors are not allowed access to the facilities unless prior authorisation has been given.

Equinix SY3 Data Centre

Equinix security features: physical access control lists manage ingress and egress; security fencing; boom gates, 24x7x365 security officers with fixed locations at front and rear access points; electronic – 24x7x365 CCTV recordings; access control (mantraps); biometric readers at all main entry points.