NEXTDC Data Centre Tour

Check out the virtual tour of the NEXTDC M1 data centre located in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. M1 is one of the largest data centres in Australia and the largest independent data centre in Victoria.

CloudCentral is a tenant of the NEXTDC C1 data centre located in Bruce, ACT, Australia. By watching this video you can see the standard of NEXTDC data centres. While the C1 facility in Canberra looks a little different, the data halls use the same rack containment systems as shown here.

NEXTDC C1 Data Centre Overview

Location: Bruce, ACT Australia
Size of Facility: 6,000m2
Technical Space: 2,260m2
Capacity: 8.0 MVA
IT Load: 4.0 MW
Target PUE: 1.4
Operational: Now