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Enterprise grade email and calendaring at a lower TCO

CloudCentrals Email & Calendaring cloud solution leverages SmarterMail which delivers enterprise level email server software and instant messaging for a fraction of the cost of leading providers.

SmarterMail makes managing administrative email server tasks easier via a web-based administration interface. Manage events, notifications, and automation through the extensive web services exposed in SmarterMail comprehensive API.

SmarterMail boasts the strongest internal anti-spam and anti-virus features, achieving 97% spam protection upon setup and installation. Plus, SmarterMail includes a variety of intrusion detection methods to prevent the mail server from being compromised.

You never have to worry about having enough capacity again. Adding a user or increasing mailbox sizes takes only minutes and pay only for what you use.

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Optimise Business Performance

The bottom line is CloudCentral’s Email & Calendaring lets you shift resources away from provisioning and managing infrastructure towards enabling your users. You have more control over data access as it will be stored and managed centrally. You can focus on innovative new projects or simply do more with fewer resources.

Hosted in Australia

CloudCentral Email and Calendaring is exclusively hosted in Australian Data Centres to provide low latency and local access. As an Australian owned and hosted provider we comply with Australian data sovereignty requirements and so you can have the confidence that your personal data stays in Australia.

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CloudCentral email & calendaring is based on SmarterMail.

SmarterMail delivers Exchange-level email server software and instant messaging for a fraction of the cost. With lower hardware requirements, superior stability and reduced maintenance costs, SmarterMail has significantly lower TCO and is the best-in-class Microsoft Exchange alternative for your business.

Read a comparison between SmarterMail and Exchange.

Webmail for all your email communications
Use SmarterMail to manage multiple email accounts. Users can send and receive messages from any email clients that support POP, IMAP and SMTP email accounts and configure different signatures to use with each account.
Auto-complete addressing
SmarterMail automatically pulls email addresses from sent messages, contacts lists, aliases, mailing lists and the Global Address List (GAL) and uses them to auto-complete the To, Cc and Bcc fields of new messages and appointment invitations.
Everything indexed
With SmarterMail’s search capabilities, users can find any message, appointment, attachment, contact, task or note with just one click. As an added benefit for administrators, the webmail server’s search indexing reduces server utilization while increasing the speed in which search results are returned.
Respond quicker with follow-up flagging
SmarterMail has the ability to mark emails for follow- up, ensuring that important emails can be identified at a glance.
Easily migrate mailboxes
With SmarterMail’s built-in mailbox migration tool, new users can easily transfer their email and collaboration items from another provider such as from Gmail, Live Mail, iMail, Zimbra and more to their new mailbox.
Link tasks to emails for greater efficiency and better organisation
SmarterMail includes the ability to link a message to a task. By linking emails and tasks together, users can ensure relevant communications regarding a task are always easily accessible and available.
Instant communication
With SmarterMail’s instant messaging features, use your own XMPP-compatible instant messaging desktop client like Adium, Digsby or Live Messenger or mobile clients like IM+ and IMO to have instant access to anyone within your organisation.


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Email & Calendaring Pricing

Our Email & Calendaring is very affordable:

SmarterMail Service Description Per User / Month
Enterprise 25 GB Mailbox, Calendar, Exchange ActiveSync, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Backup $9.95

Term Discounts

We love long term customer relationships and provide attractive term discounts that reward your loyalty.

  • 12-Month Term Discount: 10%
  • 24-Month Term Discount: 20%
  • 36-Month Term Discount: 30%

Pricing Notes

  • Pricing is monthly exclusive of GST and in Australian Dollars (AUD).

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