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Australian object storage for your next project

Fast, Secure, Geo-Replicated

  • Grow your data storage deployment infinitely with unlimited data storage
  • Australian data centres provide guaranteed data sovereignty and low latency secure access to your data
  • Compatibility with S3 storage API enables any compatible storage client or application to be used
  • Triple geo data replication ensures your data is protected against loss and is always available no matter what

Ideal for backup, archive and long term data storage

High Bandwidth, Low Latency & S3 Compatible

  • Amazon S3 compatible API for use with any S3 compatible storage client or programming library
  • Object replication across three Australian data centres for assured durability and high availability (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra)
  • Objects are stored with block level checksums to protect against bit rot and silent data corruption
  • Tier-1 Internet and peering exchange access ensures extremely fast network data transfers for Australian customers
  • Ideal for backup, archive and long term data storage use cases that require data to be stored in Australia and kept securely

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Geo-Redundant Object Storage

CloudCentral object storage is an S3 compatible storage service that stores three replicas of each object distributed across data centres located in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Use object storage for backup, archive, long term storage and content distribution. The service is also used as the basis for the CloudCentral Enterprise File Sync & Share service.

Amazon S3 Compatible

The application programming interface (API) is 100% S3 compatible meaning that any storage client, backup software and programming libraries can be used without changes needing to be made.

Self-Service Ease

A self service web portal is available to administer and manage your object storage deployment. The portal enables storage buckets, access control lists and users to be created and managed to organise and secure your data.

Fast, Secure Storage

Our object storage service is powered by a high speed private network between data centres and connectivity to multiple tier-1 internet service providers and peering exchanges.

Data is stored on our ZFS file storage systems ensuring that data is protected against bit rot by block level checksums that ensure data integrity to ensure your data does not become corrupted.

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S3 Compatible Object Storage Pricing

CloudCentral’s S3 Compatible Object Storage is very affordable:

Item Service Description Monthly Price
Object Storage Geo-redundant, S3 Compatible, Cloudian Powered $0.10/GB

Access Pricing

Not only is CloudCentral’s S3 Compatiable Object Storage great value, requests are free.

  • PUTS: Free!
  • GETS: Free!

Pricing Notes

  • Pricing is monthly exclusive of GST and in Australian Dollars (AUD).

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Download Datasheets

Get the latest datasheets for this product below.

CloudCentral Object Storage Datasheet v1.pdf

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