Backup & Disaster Recovery


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Protect your on-premise and cloud servers

Secure Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Realtime and scheduled backups to the cloud
  • Recover servers and data in minutes from the cloud
  • Data is encrypted, compressed and deduplicated for security and to reduce data transfers
  • Online portal and scheduled reports provide up to date information

Designed for the security-minded

Data Sovereignty for Government & Enterprise

  • Backup and disaster recovery for Windows and Linux workstation and servers located on premise and in the cloud
  • Bare metal full server recovery and individual file recovery allows choice of data recovery to meet specific needs
  • A self service backup portal enables you to access backup data and view status of backup jobs
  • Backup data is stored in Australian data centres on dual parity RAID storage for assured data sovereignty and protection
  • Government grade AES-256 data encryption ensures data is protected against unauthorised access
  • Compression and de-duplication reduces the amount of data stored and transmitted across the network

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The service supports Windows and Linux workstations and servers enabling them to be backed up in near real time. If a disaster occurs then services can be restored into the cloud in minutes.

Backup and recovery jobs can be created, modified and monitored via the web self service portal. The portal also offers a reporting interface including scheduled reporting via email.

Data Compression & SQL Support

Data is compressed and de-duplicated to reduce the amount of data storage and network traffic required to perform backups. Backup windows are reduced and less network bandwidth is required.

The service supports bare metal recovery of entire servers as well as file level recovery to recover individual files and directories. Microsoft SQL Server database and Exchange mail box backup and recoveries are supported natively within the product enabling granular backup and recovery for these applications.

Additional Redancy

Additional replication from the primary backup repository to one or more secondary backup repositories enables protection of data within the cloud environment. Data is stored on dual parity ZFS storage systems with block level checksums to protect against silent data corruption also known as ‘bit rot’.

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Backups Pricing

CloudCentral’s secure backups are very affordable:

Device Service Description Monthly Price
Workstations (PCs, Laptops) 250GB Storage, Daily Backups $20.00 (minimum of 3 devices)
Servers 1 TB Storage, Daily Backups POA

Excess Storage

With CloudCentral, excess usage won’t result in a pause of your backups. Each GB is simply billed at an extra cost.

  • $0.10/GB/month for excess storage

Pricing Notes

  • Pricing is monthly exclusive of GST and in Australian Dollars (AUD).

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Download Datasheets

Get the latest datasheets for this product below.

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