Within Reach Software

Within Reach Software’s customers include Gadens Lawyers, Svitzer, LCR Group. They are also a Microsoft Gold Partner for business collaboration and applications development.

Within Reach Software’s Challenge

Within Reach Software were looking for a cloud provider that would help them transfer secure data from one business to another. They needed a high quality, high performance service with robust security around the physical environment. They were also looking for an Australian provider, since data sovereignty was important to their customers. “What we liked about CloudCentral was the transparency about the data centres they use. We could see that our customers’ data would be hosted in high quality, robust environments”, says David Perks, Founder and Managing Director of Within Reach Software.

“We’re saving 80% on our IT cost of ownership.”

David Perks, Founder and Managing Director

The Solution and Benefits

After deciding to sign up with CloudCentral, Within Reach Software were immediately impressed by the quick and easy setup process. “It was very easy to get started with CloudCentral. We needed to get the servers up urgently for an important client, and after ordering online it only took about half an hour to get what we needed in terms of server infrastructure so we could start deploying our solution. Within a couple of hours the solution was ready for our customer to use. They were very pleased that we were able to get the service up and running so quickly. That responsiveness paired with the lack of capital expenditure is the key thing for us”, says David.

Within Reach Software were also very happy with the level of service they experienced. “Since we’ve been using CloudCentral we’ve had really excellent service levels. In the 14 months that we’ve been using the service we haven’t had one single outage. We need that because we provide a 24x7x365 service offering to our clients. Our service requires a good throughput of both uploads and downloads and we’ve never had a problem with that”, says David.

Responsive support was also something that was very important for Within Reach Software. “We used support a number of times when setting up the service, and what I found with CloudCentral’s support was quite unusual. The team is very technically knowledgeable. We’ve never needed to go through any kind of escalation; we’ve always been able to ask questions or request change via the first point of contact”, says David.

Within Reach Software were also pleasantly surprised with the granularity of CloudCentral’s billing. “What I like about it is that it’s itemised. I can see each component of our managed infrastructure and how much we’re paying for it.  In some cases, for example with regards to bandwidth, those costs are passed on to our clients so it’s good to be able to see the breakdown”, says David.

Compared to setting up an in-house solution, Within Reach Software knew CloudCentral’s offerings provided the best value for money and saved their staff’s time. “If we were comparing against having our own server, network, infrastructure, firewalls, security and backups of data, we’re saving 80% of the cost of doing all of that ourselves. It’s also saving us time because of the day-to-day activities that are now automated. We don’t spend any time doing backups or server monitoring because we can see that the server is up. We don’t have to worry about dealing with physical resources like storage, memory or CPU because when we start getting close to the limits we can just increase the scale of our hosted environment. We’ve saved a lot of time and capital expenditure with CloudCentral”, says David.

Overall, Within Reach Software are very happy with their experience with CloudCentral. “We’ve already referred some of our advisory clients to CloudCentral for hosting. They’re constantly investing in their technology and continue to innovate, which is very important in this industry. Their price point is competitive, and their service levels are excellent. On top of that, the support team is knowledgeable with a real can-do attitude. We haven’t had any problems getting anything done with our hosting, it’s all just fallen very nicely into place”, concludes David.

Within Reach Software Case Study