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About Mirus

Mirus Australia helps residential aged care organisations provide the best care for their residents through improved funding and clearer operational insights. Key to this is managing revenue from the Australian Government’s Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI). Common across all the product offerings, Mirus Metrics is an information portal based on MicroStrategy Business Analytics.

Mirus Metrics simplifies and empowers the aged care workforce to manage the revenue and funding and ultimately optimise profitability and sustainability of the aged care facility. This means better allocation of funds improving care of the residents in aged care homes.

The Challenge

Mirus Australia previously operated a co-located environment, which employed physical hardware and was restricted to certain specifications. This meant a lengthy process of procurement and planning to increase capacity as well as managing and maintaining the hardware.

To address this, Nick Gage, Director at Mirus Australia decided to look into a fully hosted scalable cloud solution. This would mean they could focus on growing their business and enhancing their solutions instead of maintaining their infrastructure. Mirus Australia’s business goals meant they went looking for a provider that offers secure and scalable cloud services using open standards and Australian Data Sovereignty.

Data Sovereignty and a high level of data security are required as aged care organisations are government regulated handling sensitive residents’ data that is subject to Medicare requirements.

Mirus Australia also wanted the ability to change the specifications of their servers on-demand so they can grow and adapt without being limited by current hardware specifications and lengthy procurement.

The Solution & Benefits

In their search for a suitable provider, Mirus Australia discovered that most cloud providers would require them to make support requests that can take anywhere from hours to days in order to change their server configuration. Meanwhile CloudCentral’s self service user-portal enables them to easily make on demand changes to server configurations and specifications, as their business needs change.

“We experienced the benefits of being able to make instant changes in the cloud platform ourselves.”

Nick Gage, Director

Mirus Australia also found that CloudCentral already serviced Government clients via the Australian Government Information Management Office Data Centre as a Service Multi-Use-List (AGIMO DCaaS MUL). This means that CloudCentral meets stringent government criteria with regards to security and data sovereignty. “Data Protection and security is an important need for our providers. CloudCentral keeps its data secure and within Australia, and is approved by AGIMO”, says Nick.

CloudCentral’s free trial allowed Mirus Australia to assess these benefits at first hand “Just being able to try the system and test scenario’s gave us confidence that the CloudCentral services would meet our current and future needs”, explains Nick. “We experienced the benefits of being able to make instant changes in the cloud platform ourselves.”

Being able to make these changes through the self-service portal means Mirus Australia can continually optimise their solution. Since migrating from their own physical infrastructure, Mirus Australia has the ability to scale resources in specific areas, scale the cloud as required to avoid bottlenecks in the system and add new functionality on demand. “Statistics showed a 30% improvement in performance of the solution using CloudCentral”, says Nick. Moving to a fully hosted cloud solution immediately reduced the nightly refresh to 2 hours compared to 3 hours previously, enabling Mirus Australia to provide even higher service levels to its customers.

“Statistics showed an improvement of 30% in performance of the solution using CloudCentral.”

Nick Gage, Director

Overall, switching to CloudCentral’s on-demand cloud made Mirus Australia a much more effective organisation that can focus on providing the best possible solutions to its customers. Additionally, with their increased levels of efficiency and savings compared to on premise, they have considerably lowered their total of ownership.

Better outcomes

Mirus Metrics offered as a cloud-based solution makes business intelligence and analytics available to more aged care facilities that otherwise could never have afforded it or even considered using enterprise level business intelligence tools.

The team at Mirus Australia work in partnership with organisations to deploy a revenue management function that is orientated around strong process, education and is coupled with Mirus Metrics. Unlike a traditional technology project, working with Mirus Australia is very much a business project with engagement across the whole organisation. In every case to date the direct benefit has exceeded the cost.

More efficient and sustainable aged care facilities across Australia will ensure the growth of providers to meet the ensuing demand in the coming years for aged care services.

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