iTestDrive makes management of test-drive traffic infringements a thing of the past with quick and easy identification of the responsible driver. iTestDrive features an integrated Statistics module allowing dealer principals new insight into sales force productivity and customer intelligence.

The team behind iTestDrive have a solid background in the car and software industry and prefer quality over quantity.

iTestDrive’s Challenge

iTestDrive’s main product is a mobile app that will often be accessed using a mobile Internet connection. However, quality of mobile Internet varies widely and the connection from the phone to the mobile network often has a very high latency. This means that the latency from the mobile network to the server should be as low as possible to provide the best possible user experience. As such, iTestDrive determined it is vital to have a cloud provider who could guarantee data centre locations close to the users.

Another benefit iTestDrive saw to having an Australian Cloud Provider was that the time zone is the same. This means that regular maintenance will occur during off-hours and there is always someone available to talk to during business hours. In addition, they looked

for a flexible partner. One who allows them to start on a self-managed basis to keep the costs low during development, but is able to take on additional server management when the organisation grows.

“CloudCentral came highly recommended and responded quickly to all our questions”

– Roneel Dutt, Project Manager

The Solution & Benefits

iTestDrive evaluated a number of cloud providers and vetted them against their requirements. “CloudCentral came highly recommended and responded quickly to all our questions,” explains Roneel Dutt, Project Manager for iTestDrive. “They clearly showed their quality and expertise. I don’t like taking half measures and I prefer to work with a partner who knows what they’re doing.

Managing Director John Pollock: “The privacy sensitive nature of the information requires it to be stored in Australia and because it’s often accessed over the mobile network, latency becomes very important as well. Working with CloudCentral enables us to adhere to high security and performance standards without making high infrastructure investments.”

“We’re very satisfied. There is nothing I would want to change in the experience we’ve had with CloudCentral,” concludes Roneel.

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