Inspire CA

Unlike normal accounting firms, Inspire CA doesn’t charge by the hour, and doesn’t charge for the little things like short phone calls or emails asking for advice. The organisation encourages communication as this enables them to increase bottom line results for their clients through process improvements. Inspire CA exclusively uses Xero to help clients to do their bookkeeping and invoicing more efficiently.

Inspire CA’s Challenge

Ben didn’t have a lot of IT experience, but he did know that he wanted to run his business software on a cloud solution.  “I prefer having access to key information from anywhere in the world. It’s also good to be able to change and not have to rely on our own hardware to run those programs,” says Ben.

As he has limited technical knowledge, Ben was looking for a provider who could help set up his solution and teach him about best practices.

Lastly, Ben needed to be able to share key software programs between several members of staff. For example, he previously ran some software on a laptop that had to be shared between several different team members. “Only one person could work on it at any time and it was just really slow. We were also worried about the lack of redundancy and security.

about the lack of redundancy and security. A laptop is easily dropped, broken or lost, and it doesn’t back itself up. It was a big problem that needed to be fixed”, says Ben.

“Brilliant service for a very decent price.”

Ben Walker, CEO

The Solution & Benefits

Ben found the personal support to be very helpful in setting up and maintaining his system: “When I was looking at different options, I needed something done, and quickly.  I was getting quoted lead times of two to three weeks from other organisations, but CloudCentral was able to provision the service immediately. They helped me a lot in the initial stages to understand what we needed.

“I’m an accountant, not administrator, so I didn’t have enough expertise myself. Kris [CEO, CloudCentral] has always been very responsive and helpful, and has saved me thousands of dollars on my infrastructure. CloudCentral helped set up a lot of the back end of it as well, even specific settings I needed.

“Support is just very responsive. I had a question a couple of weeks ago and got a reply that same day,” says Ben. “And the great thing is, that level of support is included for free.”

Inspire CA Case Study