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Hyperactive IT

About Hyperactive IT

Hyperactive IT provides a complete managed service for businesses that require their own IT department, for full-time, ongoing service and support. Their senior consultants have a combined experience of over 35 years in the IT industry, supporting major corporations and systems. In terms of managed IT services, Hyperactive cater for all business situations and needs.

Some clients have a number of their own IT staff that require some extra support. Where others are completely reliant upon the expertise of Hyperactive. Whatever the case may be, Hyperactive understands that IT is the backbone of most modern businesses.

“CloudCentral set up a demonstration environment for us to test, absolutely free of charge. It was so simple to use and helpful that it sold us immediately.”

Anthony Bonomini, General Manager

The Requirements

The deployment for Hyperactive IT included numerous Cloud Servers, dual terminal servers and AC DC and File servers. CloudCentral delivered all of this in along with SPLA licensing.

One major component which Kris and the team at CloudCentral also needed to deliver on was substantial performance testing, something which was included as part of the onboarding process.

Industry Expertise

General Manager of Hyperactive IT, Anthony Bonomini, said he found CloudCentral during a Google search. What stood out to him was CloudCentral’s upfront and public pricing, something which is often hard to calculate with Cloud vendors.

“”We found the openness regarding pricing refreshing. CloudCentral’s responsiveness and support was also very impressive.”

Anthony compared other vendors such as AWS and Azure, but the difference in service was easy for him to see. He continued, “CloudCentral showed more interest in gathering the detail and substance of what we were trying to achieve, as opposed to the ‘how many’ and ‘what if’ questions we received from some of the international vendors.”

Whereas some vendors offer limited support or a limited trial period, CloudCentral went above and beyond. Anthony stated, “CloudCentral set up a demonstration environment for us to test, absolutely free of charge. It was so simple to use and helpful that it sold us immediately.”

An Easy Recommendation

Hyperactive’s goal is “to deliver a world-class service direct to small, medium and large sized business clients.” With CloudCentral, Anthony fulfilled this promise thanks to the reliable and dependable support provided by Kristoffer Sheather and the CloudCentral team.

Anthony mentioned that the added levels of support provided by CloudCentral, were the ultimate difference. He stated, “CloudCentral provide me and my business with an interested and responsive support channel, should the need arise.”

He finished by saying Kristoffer and CloudCentral have been nothing short of “exemplary”, as they look to continue the strong business relationship well into the future.

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