Guardian Global Systems

Guardian Global Systems’ Challenge

Guardian Global Systems previously ran their infrastructure on a dedicated server that was managed by a third party provider. They were looking for more flexibility and pay-as-you-go scalability in their infrastructure to accommodate their growth without significant effort or downtime.

Many of Guardian Global Systems’ clients are institutions handling privacy-sensitive data such as banks. This meant that data sovereignty was a big concern and everything needed to be hosted in Australia.  Additionally, it meant that data loss would be a catastrophic event, leading Guardian Global Systems to look for a cloud provider who could offer geographical redundancy.

Of course, Guardian Global Systems was also keen to see the savings they could realise with a more flexible cloud solution.

“All of our data has to be hosted in Australia to meet our client’s data sovereignty requirements.”

David Emerson, CTO

The Solution & Benefits

After contacting a number of different providers for quotes, David Emerson, CTO of Guardian Global Systems found CloudCentral the easiest to deal with. “The thing I found most refreshing was that I didn’t have to dig for information or make multiple phone calls

just to get a basic idea of costs. CloudCentral was the most straightforward and upfront company I could find”, says David.

“As well as pricing, CloudCentral made it very easy to understand the options I had for redundancy and failover. Some of the other organisations I dealt with weren’t actually helping me solve my hosting problems. I got more guidance from CloudCentral, which was good”, says David Emerson CTO.

David found that one of the biggest benefits of cloud hosting with CloudCentral was the flexibility and scalability on offer. “The ability to dynamically scale the hosting infrastructure has been fantastic.  We can easily address increases in demand or data indexing and management without having to provision another server or move customers around. If a new client insists on having their own dedicated server we can spin it up within the infrastructure almost instantly. We have the speed and flexibility to make changes as we see fit, it’s fast and billed in one clean invoice.”

“Pricing wise, CloudCentral is verycompetitive, and the billing’s quite fine grained so it works really well for us”, says David. “The one month free trial allowed us to evaluate the simplicity of the CloudCentral management environment and configure our hosting to ensure that your platform would work for us.”

“One of the reasons we went with CloudCentral is that they have datacenters in multiple geographic locations. Some of our clients in the financial and government sectors require multiple site redundancy. With the configuration we have in place at CloudCentral I am confident in the resilience and redundancy of our hosting platform.”

“From my experience working with CloudCentral I would happily recommend them as a hosting provider to other businesses looking for a secure, fast and flexible hosting provider”, concludes David.

Guardian Global Systems Case Study