Green Triangle

Green Triangle’s Challenge

Green Triangle’s Directors Craig Ness and Greg Hart see technology as something that should enable them to focus on their business. Something that allows them to leverage their unique proposition, but also something they don’t need to spend much time on.

This meant they wanted to be able to access their files on the go while visiting clients, without having to worry about backups, potential loss or theft of data or maintenance.

“We send CloudCentral an email with our requirements and it just gets done.”

Craig Ness, Director

The Solution & Benefits

Given their requirements, it became obvious to Green Triangle that they should engage a cloud provider to take care of their infrastructure so that they wouldn’t have to.

After asking around, they received several recommendations for CloudCentral. “Just from the website we could see that CloudCentral had won a number of awards and was very reputable. We also received a strong recommendation from our IT person”, says Craig.

“When we called up to ask some questions, everyone was very helpful. We didn’t have to do anything; CloudCentral had it all organised for us. We were pretty clear straight up that we don’t know about technology, and we don’t want to know. We just want to be able to get on with our business. If we wanted to be doing IT stuff we’d be in IT. That’s the good thing about CloudCentral, we send them an email with our requirements and it just gets done,” says Craig.

As well as excellent support, Craig was very happy about saving money on licensing costs. “The fact that we can purchase one package like Microsoft licensing or Adobe and everyone’s got access to it is fantastic. We just put it on the system; we don’t have to load it onto separate machines. It’s saved us so much money. We realise that the cost benefit of doing it this way is pretty decent,” says Craig.

Lastly, Craig was really happy to be able to access his files from anywhere with mobile access. “We travel a lot, hence the reason the cloud system is very good for us. The benefit to us is that we can log into our system anywhere there’s an Internet connection or mobile service. I personally use an iPad and I just login through the remote server. Then I can sit at the client’s kitchen table and give quotes and complete our applications and I don’t have to wait until I’m back in the office. That’s a big benefit for us and our clients”, says Craig.

“My business partner and I have both recommended CloudCentral. It comes up in conversation too when clients see me pop out the iPad and begin working within seconds. I don’t have to wait for laptops to warm up or login to a VPN. That all takes time and I don’t want clients waiting around for me to start working. It’s a big benefit and I’ve had a lot of people asking how it can work so instantaneously and how they could go about it for themselves.”

“We’re so new to this and we’re learning every day, but the system’s doing everything we want it to do. It’s easy to navigate through and change settings, and it’s just made our lives so much simpler”, concludes Craig.

Green Triangle Case Study