About Brightlabs

Brightlabs is a full service creative digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 2004, they have delivered over 500 projects.

Brightlabs’ specialised delivery process enables them to produce cross-channel digital and creative solutions that engage customers, enhance the customer experience and simplify their clients’ responsibilities in maintaining the solution.

Brightlabs have collected numerous awards since their inception featuring in The Webby Awards, Communicator Awards, BRW Fast 100 Companies, being an AWWWARDS recipient, and as an IMA Top 10 Agency Worldwide.

The Requirements

As part of their full service offering, Brightlabs designs and builds digital solutions for some of Australia’s biggest household brands, along with managing their own servers. This broad approach means Brightlabs are often solely responsible in delivering traffic in the millions of page views per month.

“CloudCentral offered us flexibility and a willingness to accommodate our needs. The competitors in the mix were unable to provide that flexibility.”

Han te Riele, General Manager

When Brightlabs needed to find a new cloud services provider, their specific requirements meant a shortlist of capable companies was drawn up, including Telstra and Amazon.  During this search for a cloud provider to act as the backbone of Brightlabs’ operations, they sourced CloudCentral through a simple Google search.

General Manager of Brightlabs, Han te Riele, said that it was CloudCentral’s personalised support which won his company over. “CloudCentral offered us flexibility and a willingness to accommodate our needs. The other competitors in the mix were unable to provide that flexibility and their support was hard to get hold of.”

Getting started with CloudCentral was “fairly easy” for Han and his team at Brightlabs too.

Australian Cloud Power

Brightlabs’ hosting powers some of Australia’s big brand campaigns. It’s for this reason that Brightlabs can lean on CloudCentral to deliver superb uptime and robust dependability when traffic to their servers hit peak periods.

Han points the freedom of scalability and performance headroom as a major plus for Brightlabs. “It gives me peace of mind that hardware is not a limiting factor taking on household brands and major projects.”

Brightlabs’ deployment includes numerous cloud servers and flexible storage options.

Delivering Success

Since joining CloudCentral in 2015, Brightlabs have added numerous client successes to their story. General Manager Han te Riele stated that Brightlabs “would have most likely continued using our own hardware if it weren’t for CloudCentral’s solution.”

Partnering with an Australian cloud vendor has given Brightlabs the flexibility to grow and deliver success for their clients, such as:

  • Successfully rolling out a digital transformation project that has helped a traditional ‘bricks-and-mortar’ business achieve over 100,000 orders in the first 10 months of operation online.
  • Working with a national FMCG client who experienced a surge in sales of 15% after a redesign was implemented across desktop and mobile environments.
  • Designing, developing and supporting one of the busiest careers websites in country.

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