Customer spotlight: Mirus Australia provides cloud based analytics

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Yesterday, ComputerWorld & TechWorld published an interesting case on the use of Cloud Computing using the example of a customer of ours, Mirus Australia.

Mirus Australia helps residential aged care organisations provide the best care for their residents through improved funding and clearer operational insights. Mirus Metrics being available in the Cloud is a business project not technology deployment for their customers. The barrier to entry for care facilities is very low. A cloud based solution brings the cost of utilising business intelligence and analytics down so it is accessible to many many more facilities

By moving Mirus Metrics to CloudCentral’s cloud platform, Mirus Australia can focus on providing innovative solutions to care providers rather than managing infrastructure. Aged care providers can focus on optimising aged care rather than managing technology. Mirus Metrics allows customers to effectively manage, prioritise and track residents ACFI assessments.

We recently announced our official partnership with Microstrategy. The combination of MicroStrategy’s Analytics Platform, which provides a range of enterprise reporting, predictive analytics and management dashboards, with the performance, dependability and strength of CloudCentral’s Cloud Services, now makes analytics available to companies of all sizes, anywhere, anytime. The article on ComputerWorld is an excellent example of the benefits created by the cloud and our strategic partnerships.

Make money from the cloud with tailored cloud computing offerings

Yesterday we officially announced the launch our Partner Program. The Program has been designed to provide tailored, branded and customised cloud computing platforms for the specific requirements of System Integrators, Telecommunications Providers and Independent Software Vendors.

Founder and CEO of CloudCentral, Kristoffer Sheather: “the launch of a tiered program will be welcome news for partners wishing to enter or extend their activity in the cloud space.”

Many organisations are looking to change their IT CAPEX expenditure to an OPEX model and with CloudCentral’s new partner program they focus on adding innovative services on top of a proven, high performance Cloud Platform. Continue reading “Make money from the cloud with tailored cloud computing offerings”