Debian 7 (code name “Wheezy”) is now available on The New CloudCentral Cloud

Celebrating today’s release of Debian 7 (code name “Wheezy”), CloudCentral’s engineers have built, tested and made available our Debian 7 64-bit operating system template in record time! The template is available for immediate deployment on The New CloudCentral Cloud.

As far as we are aware CloudCentral is the first Australian cloud to support Debian 7, releasing our template on the same day the release became generally available. This proves the dedication of our engineering team, working on a Sunday no less to bring our customers the latest and greatest as quick as possible.

If you’re not currently a customer, please feel free to take advantage of our 30-day free trial offer to test and evaluate The New CloudCentral Cloud. Please contact our customer service team for access.

For more information please visit

Debian 7 Release Notes:

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