From a cave to the cloud

Using tools has made life easier for people from the dawn of ages. It may have started with the invention of hammers and spears but we’ve come a long way since. The cloud is part of this constant move for innovation to make our life easier. This started with Infrastructure as a Service, and now evolves to Platform as a Service.

A common misconception is that moving to the cloud will magically make your application cloud ready, resolving all issues around reliability and manageability. However, cloud is not a magic bullet. Cloud it is a tool to help you achieve higher reliability with less effort.

A good cloud provider provides cloud services with many built-in redundancies. No single point of hardware failure, be it a compute node, hard-drive failure or network failure affect the performance of a cloud hosted system. However, this doesn’t address the most common cause of failure: software. Not only that, it also ignores the true benefits of cloud computing.

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CentOS 5.8 64-bit Template Now Available

We have completed the development of our new CentOS 5.8 64-bit template which is now available for deployment within our Secure Cloud Control Center.

CentOS is a free open source clone of a very popular Enterprise Linux distribution, if you are interested in learning more about CentOS, take a look at and

CentOS 5.8 Release Notes

Our Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Debian 6.0.5 64-bit templates are in the final stages of development & testing and should be available within the next few weeks.

Please contact support if you have any questions or experience any issues.

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