From a cave to the cloud

Using tools has made life easier for people from the dawn of ages. It may have started with the invention of hammers and spears but we’ve come a long way since. The cloud is part of this constant move for innovation to make our life easier. This started with Infrastructure as a Service, and now evolves to Platform as a Service.

A common misconception is that moving to the cloud will magically make your application cloud ready, resolving all issues around reliability and manageability. However, cloud is not a magic bullet. Cloud it is a tool to help you achieve higher reliability with less effort.

A good cloud provider provides cloud services with many built-in redundancies. No single point of hardware failure, be it a compute node, hard-drive failure or network failure affect the performance of a cloud hosted system. However, this doesn’t address the most common cause of failure: software. Not only that, it also ignores the true benefits of cloud computing.

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Top 3 ways to make sure your data is not private or secure

Do you believe that ignorance is bliss? In IT, it simply means not fully understanding the risks you are exposed to and not being fully aware of best practices to reduce risks. Critical data getting into the wrong hands is so common it’s hardly newsworthy anymore. As a cloud provider that focuses on Secure Australian Cloud, we decided to make a top 3 risks list.

1. Host your data in the USA or with an USA owned company

Storing your data in the US or with a US owned company is the most sure-fire way to make sure your data is not private. The recent leaks from Edward Snowden on the NSA have made that very clear. Even encryption was easily bypassed within the largest American organisations (Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc) and they simply use a dragnet approach, taking everything they can get their hands on.

In an attempt to calm the public outcry in the USA, NSA stated: “NSA applies Attorney General-approved processes to protect the privacy of U.S. persons — minimizing the likelihood of their information in our targeting, collection, processing, exploitation, retention, and dissemination.” In other words: no restrictions or boundaries if you’re not American.

As Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission, put it: “Why would you pay someone else to hold your commercial or other secrets, if you suspect or know they are being shared against your wishes? Front or back door – it doesn’t matter – any smart person doesn’t want the information shared at all.” We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

2. Don’t apply the latest patches and best practises

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Debian 7 (code name “Wheezy”) is now available on The New CloudCentral Cloud

Celebrating today’s release of Debian 7 (code name “Wheezy”), CloudCentral’s engineers have built, tested and made available our Debian 7 64-bit operating system template in record time! The template is available for immediate deployment on The New CloudCentral Cloud.

As far as we are aware CloudCentral is the first Australian cloud to support Debian 7, releasing our template on the same day the release became generally available. This proves the dedication of our engineering team, working on a Sunday no less to bring our customers the latest and greatest as quick as possible.

If you’re not currently a customer, please feel free to take advantage of our 30-day free trial offer to test and evaluate The New CloudCentral Cloud. Please contact our customer service team for access.

For more information please visit

Debian 7 Release Notes:

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The New CloudCentral Cloud

The CloudCentral team is excited to announce the immediate availability of ‘The New CloudCentral Cloud’. The New CloudCentral cloud is the result of over 12-months systems engineering and research by the CloudCentral team.

Platform Overview

The New CloudCentral Cloud is situated in the new NEXTDC C1 enterprise data centre located in Bruce, ACT, Australia providing you with the peace of mind of an ASIO T4 physical security and Tier-III Australian data centre facilities with guaranteed data sovereignty.

The new platform will also be available from the TransACT data centre located in Dickson ACT enabling customers to deploy highly available replicated solutions across geographically separate data centres. The data centres are connected via high-speed private gigabit network connectivity for low-latency and high bandwidth data transfer between availability zones.

CloudCentral has engineered our new platform on top of Citrix CloudPlatform, the Apache CloudStack based open cloud management platform. Also featured are the the latest high-performance Intel Xeon processors, enterprise-grade Oracle ZFS storage, and high-speed 10-gigabit networking.

Enterprise & Government Services

The New CloudCentral Cloud is arguably the most advanced enterprise-grade open cloud platform in Australia and has been selected to host Australian Government services under the terms of the Australian Government Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) Multi Use List (MUL) for cloud and cloud-like services.

A 99.95% availability service level agreement with guaranteed support response times is offered on our new cloud to provide assurance to enterprise and government customers. Higher availability level solutions can be engineered by lever-aging our multiple availability zones.

Network Enhancements
The CloudCentral network has been upgraded with the addition of Nextgen Networks and AAPT to augment the capacity and capabilities of our network.  Customer traffic passing between our availability zones will transit via our new private low-latency, high-bandwidth Ethernet interconnects to provide assured security and quality-of-service.

Platform Features

  • Citrix CloudPlatform (based on Apache CloudStack) Open Cloud Management Platform
  • Citrix XenServer 6 Hypervisor
  • VMware ESX 5.1 Hypervisor (coming soon)
  • Oracle ZFS High-Performance Mirrored Replicated SAS+SSD Hybrid Storage
  • 10-Gigabit Low-Latency High-Performance Networking
  • Snapshots (scheduled and manual)
  • Templates (user, domain and public)
  • Projects
  • Sub-Accounts (create sub-domains within your domain for reseller, client separation or environment separation)
  • Sub-Domains (create sub-domains within your domain for reseller, client separation or environment separation)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • CloudPlatform / Apache CloudStack Open HTTP REST API
  • Amazon EC2 Compatible API
  • Layer-2 Secure Network Segregation per Customer Network via Industry Standard 802.1Q VLAN’s
  • Layer-3 Secure IP Network Firewall per Customer Network
  • Layer-3/4 Load Balancer
  • Directly Assigned & NAT’d IP Network Addressing

New & Updated Operating Systems + Software

Domains & Sub-Accounts

Additional sub-accounts can be created within your domain if you’d like to support multiple resellers or separate your environments such as development, test and production. These can be created by request to our support team.

Special Offer: 30-Day Free Cloud Services for New Customers

All new customers will receive 30 free days to test and evaluate The New CloudCentral Cloud. Please contact our customer service team for access.

Getting Started

Please contact our support team by emailing for access to The New CloudCentral Cloud and to answer any questions you may have.

Best Regards,Kristoffer Sheather
Founder & Chief
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Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 Enterprise Edition Template Now Available

We have create a new Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition template which includes Service Pack 1 (SP1) and all Windows Updates as of 20th June 2012.

For information on the different editions of Windows Server 2008 R2 please visit

Limited Time Special Offer: All new customers who sign up before 30th September 2012 receive a free $100 startup credit!