CloudCentral provides simple migration option for Ninefold customers

As you may have recently read in the news Ninefold have announced that they will be ‘sunsetting’ their cloud platform at the end of January 2016. Ninefold is a company that we respect and it is sad to see another Australian company announce that they are ceasing to continue serving the Australian market.

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CloudCentral Acquires Software Defined Storage IP

This is a crucial addition to CloudCentral’s current storage offerings and introduces the Software Defined Storage business model, which separates ownership of hardware and software, allowing customers a far wider choice of software vendors. Continue reading “CloudCentral Acquires Software Defined Storage IP”

CloudCentral is now supported by Enstratius

enStratiusEnstratius today announced support for CloudCentral’s Cloud Platform. CloudCentral’s Australian-based Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) cloud offers highly available, reliable computing solutions at a low monthly cost. The new CloudCentral Cloud is 100% hosted in Tier III Australian data centers, providing low-latency access to customers based within the region.

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CloudCentral Launches 2XL and 4XL Instance Sizes

CloudCentral is prod to announce that we have launched two new instance sizes, 2XL and 4XL.

Our 2XL and 4XL Compute instance sizes feature 32 GB RAM and 64 GB RAM, with Low (4 Virtual Cores, 12 VCU), Medium (8 Virtual Cores, 24 VCU) or High CPU (16 Virtual Cores) options.

These new instance sizes are perfect for running modern databases, big data, enterprise data warehouse, and other applications that demand large amounts of memory and processing capabilities.

CloudCentral 2XL and 4XL Compute instances can be deployed immediately from The New CloudCentral Cloud. If you have a application or database that requires serious firepower we encourage you to take advantage of our free 30-day trial!