Why CloudCentral


Straightforward tutorials
Getting started with CloudCentral is very straightforward. We have an extensive Knowledge Base available with tutorials on anything from setting up your first Cloud Server to advanced networking features and setting up backups.
Straightforward Pricing
Our pricing for cloud services is also very straightforward. Our Cloud Server Pricing is available online. With the Web Application Platform, you are simply paying for the Cloud Servers the Platform provisions. You can do this on a simple pay-as-you-go term or, if your requirements are stable, you can profit from our 12, 24 or 36-month term discounts. Straightforward pricing, without difficult to estimate measures and straightforward contract options.
Straightforward Migration to the Cloud
We offer choice and flexibility of your virtual image formats (ISO, VMDK, OVA, VXA & VHD), making it straightforward to migrate servers to our cloud. This enables you to accelerate your time to market and leverage our cloud’s redundancies and economics.
Straightforward Operating System deployment
We have a range of operating system and application templates available with which you can spin up a new server in minutes:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Debian
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Fedora
  • Vyatta Network OS
  • Managed MySQL Database servers & clusters
  • Managed MongoDB Database servers & clusters

As a Microsoft SPLA provider and Oracle partner, we can provide all necessary licences for these operating systems on our cloud servers. Alternatively you can use your own software licences on our cloud servers if allowed under the Microsoft Licence Mobility Through Software Assurance program.


Scalable cloud servers
Our cloud servers can be scaled within seconds, enabling you to instantly adjust to changes in demand. There is a range of sizes in cloud servers varying from general purpose to compute optimised and memory optimised. Changing to a larger, smaller or differently optimised cloud server takes only a few seconds via our online portal.The amount of data you have does not say much about the amount of computing power you need. Therefore storage can be attached and varied regardless of the instance size. You can also easily attach additional storage, or even move storage between different cloud servers.
Burst into the cloud
All cloud servers can burst to full 3 Ghz CPU cores, regardless of the compute size. The amount of resources mentioned is simply the guaranteed minimum, but you will often get more value for your money. The ability to burst beyond the guaranteed share of resources does depend on the availability of resources in the cloud, however.
Scale, optimise and automate
Aside from manual scaling via our online portal which already includes processor bursting, you can also set up load balancers, autoscaling rules and other automation to make your life easier. And of course you always only pay for the resources you actually use.


Speedy cloud server deployment
Deploying your application on CloudCentral’s Cloud Servers or Cloud Platform is easy and fast. But provisioning is only where it starts. We have data centres throughout Australia so you can be sure your users receive the lowest possible latency combined with data sovereignty. For your users this means faster loading times. For you this means happier users and many other benefits such as the possibility for geographic redundancy with automatic fail-over and high-speed interconnects.
Speedy and affordable
Performance is important, but price is a factor too. That’s why we provide blazing fast high performance cloud storage for your cloud servers, and cheap redundant cloud storage for the backups of those cloud servers. This way you can find the optimum balance between price and performance to suit your solution.
Speedy and stable
On top of this, our cloud platform provides a range of solutions to make sure users receive the best possible performance regardless of what happens. Among the possibilities are auto-scaling, cache as a service and ensuring physical proximity between cloud servers.

Secure and safe

Safely in Australia
CloudCentral is Australian owned and operated. Combined with the fact that all our data centres are in Australia, this means you can be confident that all data is stored within Australian borders. It also means foreign legislations such as the Patriot Act and foreign government bodies such as the NSA cannot legally request us to hand over data. This is in contrast to other international firms that have to comply with legal requirements in the countries where they are active.
Safe and reliable
High availability is built-in to the architecture of our cloud servers. This means any hardware can fail. Be it storage, compute or network components, without the cloud servers actually being impacted. Full redundancy is engineered into our cloud platform. Cloud servers are automatically moved to other hardware and hosts if anything fails, to ensure maximum safety and performance.
Secure access restrictions
There are many ways to ensure your cloud servers are secure. We provide the opportunity to control the access to your cloud resources and a very granular level to prevent unauthorised access to cloud servers and other data. In addition, we offer multi-factor authentication tokens and applications for further security on the cloud server level.
Secure backups
Unfortunately we cannot exclude software issues on the level of customer applications on our cloud servers. However, to ensure no essential data is ever lost, we offer cloud server snapshot functionality as part of our platform. The cloud server snapshot functionality is free to use for all our cloud server customers with only a small charge for the backup storage used. This vastly simplifies the backup process for organisations. It brings both full system and single file backups and restoration in reach of organisations of all sizes.

Support & SLA

Service Level Agreement & Support
Regardless of how good a product or service is, occasionally things do not work as they should. Those moments prove the importance of outstanding support and a concrete SLA. We have a 99.95% uptime guarantee backed by 24/7 support and an SLA that involves financial rebates and penalties for failing to meet the standards. At CloudCentral we consistently succeed in surpassing the standard (Check our uptime score on CloudHarmony).
Support to suit you
We provide 24/7 Australian support via email and phone for all urgent issues. This means that regardless of the time of day, you will always be helped by qualified support engineers based in Australia. We will never transfer your calls overseas as we are devoted to surpassing our uptime guarantee.Phone and email support is included free of charge for all our customers and partners. We believe that the reliability of your cloud servers should always be our highest priority and therefore we don’t charge for assisting you with any issue relating to our cloud infrastructure.

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