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Our story starts in late 2009, when we could see that the time for cloud computing had arrived. To date, no Australian company offered a complete cloud environment to serve the needs of Australian enterprises and government agencies.

While the cloud does make geography less important, CloudCentral CEO Kristoffer Sheather saw that Australian customers are better served by a local option. A cloud computing company which offers local support and multiple Australian data centres for superb cloud performance, security and data sovereignty. Therefore, he decided to provide this option.

With the help of industry leading advisors, Kristoffer Sheather developed a pre-converged appliance now know as Cloud in a Box to host CloudCentral’s Cloud Infrastructure Services. Combined with the unique intellectual property of our Unified Cloud System this provides the backbone of our offerings. All cloud services are hosted in┬átier III Australian data centres on the east coast of Australia with plans for the west coast. Our multiple state-of-the-art Australian data centres meet the need for reliable, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure you can count on.

We built our cloud servers on a customised version of Xen, which provides complete isolation at the network, compute and storage layers. We also built our own ZFS-based cloud storage storage. On top of that, we’ve created an intuitive customer portal which lets you stay in control. A system that can get your cloud servers up and running in minutes and enables you to scale in seconds.

CloudCentral is Australia’s first provider dedicated solely to delivering the best cloud infrastructure solutions. We are an agile, dedicated team of IT specialists with extensive expertise in all aspects of cloud computing. We continue to invest in building new cloud offerings resulting in cloud services such as Virtual Private Cloud and Cloud in a Box appliances. We focus on using industry standard components, open source software and open APIs to deliver best in class reliability and flexibility to our partners and customers.

We encourage you to sign up as a partner today or experience our services for yourself. We back our promises and believe in our service, which is why your first 30 days are free of charge for our Cloud Server and Web Application Platform offerings.