CloudCentral Acquires Software Defined Storage IP

This is a crucial addition to CloudCentral’s current storage offerings and introduces the Software Defined Storage business model, which separates ownership of hardware and software, allowing customers a far wider choice of software vendors.

We see this as a transformational deal from both a technology and investment perspective. The addition of Software Defined Storage services eliminates the need to pay third parties for storage and gives us more control over the future development of our platform.

Expanding into the private cloud creates a completely new offering for us, while reducing costs for our public cloud customers as we don’t need to pay the big vendors’ really high storage costs.We would be the first Australian cloud provider to own their entire stack from end to end, and doing it in a completely unique way.

And because all our storage is onshore in Australia, we have the potential to be the Software Defined Storage provider of choice for companies constrained by regulation from storing data offshore.

The full release can be found here: