Cloud Server Snapshots: Lowest Cost Insurance Against Data Loss.

Ask yourself this question:

How much does each hour of server downtime cost you?

Perhaps this has already happened to you in the past and you are painfully aware of the costs involved. Otherwise you can probably imagine the loss in productivity and thus profits due to accidentally deleted files or crashing servers. That’s why CloudCentral offers CloudPlatform Snapshots, an easy way to backup your vital data. Best of all, the Snapshot functionality is free!

Regular, scheduled backups

Our CloudPlatform enables you to make hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups to suit your needs. You can create:

  • 24 hourly snapshots
  • 31 daily snapshots
  • 12 weekly snapshots
  • 24 monthly snapshots

Tailor to your needs

All of this can be separately scheduled per storage volume. This enables you to set the regularity of backups depending on the importance of the data and the speed with which it changes.

Minimal data storage with the best possible RPO

All snapshots are created in chains of 12. This means that after every full snapshot, there will be 11 incremental snapshots before a new full snapshot is created. This minimises the amount of backup storage used while optimising the RPO.

Use it now: How to schedule snapshots.

Benefits of using snapshots

Quickly recover from disaster

If there are software issues with your server, simply setup a new instance using a backup with the latest working setup. Then attach your storage drive to the working software and you’re up and running again. All within minutes!

Easily set up a test & development environment

Looking to further develop your services or test a new feature or application without risking trouble with your production environment? Simply take a snapshot of your current server and use it to create a duplicate environment. Quickly test updates and changes until you’re absolutely convinced it works smoothly. Only then actually change to your production environment, or simply change your network and make the test-environment your new live-environment.

Convenient roll-back

When you make changes, you should always have a roll-back procedure in place in case things don’t work out as planned. Simply take a manual snapshot beforehand, and you have a perfectly functional backup to restore to.

Easy and Free!

Best of all, scheduling snapshots using our CloudPlatform is free! The only thing you pay is a small fee for the actual backup storage you use.

Cost Example 1

CloudCentral Customer runs a Windows 2012 server with a Web Application as a Service. This means he has 2 Virtual disks with 164 GB total storage:

  • The windows disk – 64 GB
  • Data Disk – 100GB
  • Each day, about 1 GB of data changes

CloudCentral customer needs regular backups of both disks for up to a month and therefore sets up the following schedule:

  • Every hour of the day
  • 1 full week of daily backups
  • 4 weekly backups

Assuming full utilisation of both data disks, the monthly fees would be: $24.75 + $25.50 + $26.10.

Total fee: $76.35 per month. Less than the cost of an external hard-drive!

Note: In practise the costs will most likely be lower since it is unlikely that all 164 GB of disk space is actually utilised.

Cost Example 2

CloudCentral Customer runs a LAMP-stack for his website. As this is not a highly interactive website, daily snapshots suffice.

  • 16 GB Disk with the LAMP-stack and website.
  • Minimal changes, a few pages per day (10Mb).
  • 31 Days worth of daily snapshots

For less than $7.25 per month, this customer protects himself against unforeseeable circumstances such as a software issues or hackers defacing his website!

Check out our Knowledge Base Article on implementing Snapshots for your environment.